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Starbreeze The Darkness Xbox 2 rumours officially confirmed!

Majesco to publish The Darkness game in 2006

We've just had official confirmation that Starbreeze Studios, developers of the epic Chronicles of Riddick, are working on a next generation console game based on the popular The Darkness comic, which will be published by Majesco and is set to appear on Xbox 2 in 2006.

This story actually goes back to April, when California-based Union Entertainment said they'd hired Starbreeze Studios to begin work on an adaptation of The Darkness, the popular US comic by Marc Silvestri, Garth Ennis and David Wohl which is published by Top Cow comics, and features a 21-year-old assassin who can control shadows.

This was followed by Majesco's announcement in November that they had signed Starbreeze to develop a next-gen console title for a release in 2006.

Put both together, add a little internet spice and speculation and rumour and you get Majesco are publishing the The Darkness game which is being developed by Starbreeze for a next-gen console.

Further weight to the rumours? Well at the beginning of this month Top Cow productions also signed a movie deal for the The Darkness comic with Platinum Studios which would make a nice comic/movie/game juggernaut, much in the way Starbreeze tied in with Chronicles of Riddick.

A spokesperson from publisher Majesco confirmed all of this, this morning. "Yes we're publishing The Darkness and it's official. It's a great acquisition for us. It will definitely be on a next generation console, either PS3 or Xbox 2. We're still trying to predict and evaluate the next-gen platforms, but the likelihood is it will be Xbox 2."

So there you have it, The Darkness on Xbox 2 and possibly, PS3, official. Remember where you read it first.