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Fisher goes solo

Five new screens from Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory single-player that show off whizz-bang graphical effects

Ah, new screenshots from Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory, which Ubisoft says have been released to "illustrate the outstanding beauty of the SCCT graphic engine." We suppose we should look on in awe and wonder. And please join in, because while there are certainly some things life has to offer that we like to experience on our own, these images simply don't come under that bracket.

Ubisoft has also been kind enough to supply a caption with each screenshot, which in summation boast 'This looks the dog's bollocks, doesn't it' - nod sagely in agreement - but which you can read in full under each shadow-infested picture. Due March 2005 there's still a little while to wait for Sam Fisher's next operation, but when it materialises you'll not only have a new single-player campaign and new moves and gadgets to mess with but co-op and versus multiplayer modes too.

Can Ubisoft possibly cram any more into this series? Probably.