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Drakengard 2 roars

Teaser site and movie go live

Master of the RPG, Square Enix has announced a sequel to Drakengard, its epic 2003 RPG with a teaser site which contains streaming video, now giving you your first chance to see the follow-up in action.

The original Drakengard was decently received and reviewed rather well with our sadly departed sister mag C&VG, who rated it fairly highly with 81% and described it as a "a radical take on the fantasy adventure."

Although there's not a lot else to see at the moment in the form of screens or extra assets, the video does look extremely nice, with an assortment of unusual characters, mighty dragons and the usual blend of strange, but compelling Japanese RGP weirdness.

There's probably a clue or significant meaning hidden somewhere in that "Love, Red, Ambivalence, Black" motto, but you know, we darned if we can find it on a wet Wednesday in December.