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New Katamari 2 screens twist our melons

Namco's bonkers ball roller gets weirder every day, and we freaking love it

We brought you news of the sequel to cult analogue stick-controlled puzzle game Katamari Damacy recently, and Namco have only gone and stuck up a whole bunch of new screens to keep us going.

If you head over to the game's official Japanese website you'll see a load of predictably mental new shots of Katamari's next outing, which Namco are calling Minna Daisuki Katamari Damacy (Everyone's Favourite Katamari Damacy).

You'll see ball-rolling hi-jinkery around sugar coated candy worlds, racetracks, schools, a zoo, and even an underwater aquatic world complete with massive whales and stingrays.

The levels all seem far more specific than the first game's standard start-small-and-end-up-sucking-up-the-world style stages. There's a reason for that. Wee Katamari's become quite a superstar and gathered a legion of fans. Each stage represents one fan's wish for Katamari to come along and roll the place to smithereens, so expect far more interesting environments on a particular theme.

The challenges Katamari has to face are tougher too. No longer can you just tear around getting bigger and bigger - in some levels you'll have to selectively pick up certain objects, or get your ball to a certain girth with a limited amount of debris.

Sounds great, but if the wacked-out soundtrack and mental sound effects are anywhere near as much fun as in the first game we'll be deliriously happy. Even more so if it gets a European release...

Check out Namco's official Katamari Damacy 2 website here.