Xbox Doom 3 special edition announced, dated...?

Direct from the sulphurous pits of hell: Xbox owners get monster Collector's Edition, and it could appear in March

While we were shining our flashlights around the interweb earlier (we weren't holding our gun at the same time - that would be stupid, obviously) we illuminated something hellishly exciting: a Collector's Edition of the Xbox version of Doom 3.

Listed alongside the standard version of the game by US e-tailers and clocking in at an extra $10, the Collector's Edition comes stacked with enough extras to get Satan himself hot under the collar.

You'll get the long-awaited port of the PC FPS fully souped-up with online multiplayer and Xbox-exclusive online co-op play, and you'll also be able to sample the old school delights of the original Doom and Doom II. Getting to play these legendary FPSs on your Xbox is already cool, but developer id has also added online Deathmatch and 2-4 player coop modes to these games too.


As well as those chewy morsels the Collector's Edition will also come stuffed with video interviews with Doom 3's dev team, a feature taken from US gaming channel Video Game TV, and a stack of storyboards, sketches and other concept art.

Hopefully the whole package will be wrapped up in a nifty collector's tin like the Halo 2 Special Edition. We've included a packshot for you to check out. No official word from Activision on whether we'll be able to buy it in the UK, but we reckon it's a safe bet.

So that's all very nice, but there's one other interesting nugget of information listed by US retailers: a March 1 US release date for both the standard and Collector's Edition, which happily coincides with the release date for the PC expansion pack Resurrection of Evil.

Best not to get too excited, though - different sites are listing different release dates (we've also seen March 15) and when we contacted Activision a spokesperson told us that these dates were no more than "rumour and speculation".

Still, with the long-awaited port of the PC game already overdue, and the probability of a simultaneous US and European release looking likely, it's encouraging to see a March date being mooted by retailers.