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Finger these Wario Ware Touched! screens

Run your digits over your monitor and get all excited about what could be the game the DS was waiting for

When Nintendo announced that the DS would come with touchscreen controls one game jumped up like a mentalist and yelled "I'll have a piece of that!"

And that game was Wario Ware. If ever there was a play mechanic perfectly suited to the novel and uniquely direct control that a touchscreen offers, it was Wario's instant yet endless mad minigames.

So we're already getting sweaty fingertips at the prospect of Wario Ware Touched!, the deliciously inevitable DS instalment in the series.

And these screens haven't helped - our slick digits are literally sliding off our keyboards in anticipation.


No explanation is needed here. You know the score: hundreds of quick-fire minigames assaulting your brain and using the touchscreen and the D-pad in ways you never even thought possible.

The great thing about Touched! is that the touchscreen will make understanding the minigames even simpler than before. Take a look at the screens and try and work out what you have to do. Easy, isn't it?

With a nice balance between touchscreen tomfoolery and D-pad diddling Wario Ware Touched! could be the perfect DS game.

Wario Ware Touched! is already available in Japan and will launch in the US on February 14 and the UK in March. Keep it here for our final verdict.