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Otogi 2 gets European release

Sega set to publish drop dead gorgeous Xbox hack-and-slasher on this fair continent

Otogi was one of those games that, if everyone had gone out and bought it, would have made the world a better and more beautiful place. Alas, nobody did, and so it has ended up as another one of those cult gaming classics that the few privileged souls who actually played it bang on about endlessly.

But hey! All is not lost! If you're an Xbox owner and you're suffering from the ignominy of not owning a slice of Otogi's masterful and heartbreakingly beautiful slice-and-dice action, help is at hand! Sega will be publishing Otogi 2 in Europe, with the game hitting shelves in February.

Developed by From Software, the acclaimed team behind the Armoured Core and Lost Kingdoms series, Otogi 2 continues the original's lavish mystical Japanese action. Raikoh, the demon-dicing hero of the original, faces yet another onslaught of evil so it's lucky that some sorceress lass called Seimei has hooked him up with four other warriors to see the spawn of darkness off.

The RPG-style inventory management and weapon selection that worked so well in the original returns and the addition of four extra characters (each, predictably, with their own strengths and weaknesses) further enhances Otogi 2's strategic element.

The visuals, just like in the original, are truly astounding and the perfectly balanced button-bashing action flows with a Ninja Gaiden-esque sense of effortlessness. On top of that - and we're not trying to be pretentious here - the mystical Japanese setting, melancholy music and sound effects, and stunning graphics should elevate Otogi 2 from a mere game to something far more artistic. Okay, maybe a little bit pretentious.

Plus, you can bash the crap out of the scenery.

Take a look at how good Otogi 2 is at pleasing your eyeballs here, and check back soon for more.