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Run DMC3: Athletic new Devil May Cry shots

Dante's back in the hiz-ouse of hell and this time he's brought his brother

It's not long until Devil May Cry 3 sheds its salty tears of flamboyant zombie-smacking on PS2, with the March 23 European release creeping up on us quickly.

So it was nice of Capcom to furnish us with this sweet suite of new screens showing off just how acrobatic Dante's latest outing will be.

Amongst the gratuitously violent vaulting, jumping, and demon-thumping you'll find sneaky pics of Lady who, like Little Britain's Emily Howard, is a lady; Dante's long-lost brother Vergil who's a bit of a bad egg; and his mate Arkham who, also, you wouldn't want to sit next to in church.


Luckily Dante was never a slouch in the old fist-to-face department before, and in DMC3 he's got six unique fighting styles to further enhance his chances of sending the spawn of hell back to their pit. You'll be able to mix and match these disciplines as you play through the game.

Interestingly, these screens also offer another cool little snippet of info. It looks like Dante will have to battle through monsters inspired by the seven deadly sins, so you've got lethargic but gangly scythe-wielding zombies for Sloth and mental suicide bombers for Wrath. Nice touch.

Enjoy the screens - there are absolutely loads of 'em - and click on this satanic symbol to sell your soul for heaps more DMC3 info.