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Ubisoft to relate The Bard's Tale

French publisher bags European, erm, publishing rights

inXile's remake of classic 16-bit adventure The Bard's Tale has been picked up for publishing in Europe by Ubisoft following the unfortunate demise of the game's previous publisher Acclaim.

Unravelling on PC, PS2 and Xbox, The Bard's Tale is a humour-laden adventure set in Medieval times that finds players strapping on the musical boots of the Bard, a sarcastic fellow motivated, it says here, by coin and cleavage. Event-altering interaction with NPCs is accompanied by magical and melee combat and the Bard can also summon various creatures with music to help him out of tight spots.


"We think European gamers are waiting for an intelligently funny game, and are delighted to be working with Ubisoft to make sure they find out first hand what gamers in North America have been laughing about the last couple months!" says Brian Fargo, CEO and founder of inXile, who also happens to be creator of the original The Bard's Tale.

Unpack your giggle stick for a release in March.