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Killer 7 assassinates UK date

Split-personality shooter goes schizo in the UK from June. Plus Monster Hunter and Haunting Ground dated too - grab your calendar

We hear the voices in our head from time to time. "Steal the last Jaffa Cake before the boss sees it," they whisper, or "don't wipe it off, no-one will even notice." It's totally normal, our psychiatrist tells us as we get a spot of soothing electro-shock therapy.

But imagine having seven different voices in your head, each one a trained assassin wielding a massive handgun and arguing with the others. You'd go mental.

Which is appropriate, because Killer 7 looks like the work of a mentalist. Capcom has just announced the UK release date for the PS2 and GameCube title: June 24

In the gloriously messed up looking shooter you play Harmon Smith - or at least you would if he wasn't confined to a wheelchair and manifesting his killing ways through the seven personalities nestling in his nugget.

Over the course of the game you'll play all seven of these unique individuals as you try to nail some dude called Kun Lan. He's going around infecting people with 'Heaven's Smile', a disease that makes you grin like a loon and then skip off on a merry killing rampage.

The slightly unhinged premise is set off with a deliciously crazy visual style that marries cel-shading with Tron-style computer graphics. Nice. We should have more details on Capcom's melange of mental health problems when the game launches in Japan on March 24.

And from the mad world of split personalities we plunge into the far more realistic realms of dragon baiting and running-away-from-ghosts.

Capcom has also announced that Monster Hunter, the online PS2 monster hunting game that will actually be online (cough, Resi Outbreak cough) in Europe, will break free from its cage on May 27 in the UK.

And Haunting Ground, also known as Demento, will spook your pants off on PS2 from April 29. A survival horror set inside a ruddy great castle which is clearly not being maintained by the National Trust, Haunting Ground puts you in the tiny pink pumps of a small girl as she befriends dogs and evades ogres.

If you're not quite sated by all that datage you can get your fill of Killer 7 coverage here, Monster Hunter coverage here, and Haunting Ground coverage here.