Project Snowblind

Deus Ex was one of our favourite games ever, still is in fact. And if it had been handled properly we think it could have been one of the biggest cash cows in the industry. Today it's been devalued to the extent that Project: Snowblind, originally slated to be set in the Deus Ex universe, is seen to have a better chance on its own merits.

The only remaining point of comparison now is that you play as super-soldier Nathan Frost, complete with implanted augmentations that enable you to exploit superpowers like slowing down time, turning invisible and passing through the eye of a needle. (OK, we made one of those up. Slowing down time indeed...)


These same powers provide the only bits of non-linearity in an otherwise fast-paced traditional shooter, so why are we so intrigued? A couple of reasons: first, it's being developed by Crystal Dynamics, the team responsible for the sometimes excellent Legacy of Kain/Soul Reaver games, as well as the next Tomb Raider. Second, we've seen it running and it's showing a level of competence we weren't fully expecting, with innovative dual-fire weapons that could prove especially interesting in multiplayer. Expect the likes of shotguns that also lay sticky bombs (hilarious when attached to enemies)
and flamethrowers that dish up mines that attack when an enemy comes into proximity. You can combine weapons for extra effect and there's also a full range of vehicles you can control.

It might not ooze the class of F.E.A.R. or the visual pull of anything powered by the soon-to-be-unleashed Unreal Engine 3.0, but it's still one to watch.