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Earth 2160

Not content with having destroyed the world in Earth 2140 and 2150, the war moves on to a newly discovered earth-like planet in 2160.

Project leader Mirek Dymek spoke to us about what you can expect from the latest instalment in the popular RTS series. "Earth 2160 uses the all-new Earth 4 engine, which features real-time material generation, dynamic lighting and shadowing, reflective surfaces, water, global and local fogging and on-screen dynamic effects," he explains.

"At the beginning, you can choose from two campaigns, though there are four playable factions in all," continues Mirek. He also assures us that an advanced alien race will make an appearance during the course of the non-linear campaign, though he was unable to tell us more at this time.


Perhaps the most interesting feature of the game is the ability to design and construct units and even buildings from modular components, opening up a huge range of possibilities. Earth 2160 looks like it could be a major advancement on its predecessors, and possibly one of the dark horses of strategy gaming in 2005.