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"All of us are big FPS fans," says James. "We wanted to see the genre have more variety in the gameplay than the tried and true run-and-gun style we've all got used to. All along, we've been working on making sure Pariah had variety in both its approach to gameplay and its mechanics, and I'd say this is
the coolest thing about the game."

There's no shortage of diversity in the environments either. We're told there's an 80/20 split between outdoor and indoor environments, with everything from rocky plains and dense forests to high-security prison facilities. There's evidence of a talented art team here too, the game displaying a dark and distinctive visual style throughout. Even the enemies, with their hooded faces and menacing eyes, have a subtle appeal to them.


Certainly we're not trying to suggest that Pariah is a done deal. Half-Life 2 has just raised the bar for story-driven action to Himalayan heights, and any game that launches in the next few months is going to have to contend with that. This team, however, unlike so many others who must be wringing their hands in despair right now, remains extremely confident. Look out for a full playtest next month.

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