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Attack these Act of War screens

Atari fires a volley of cinematic screens from its imminent RTS

We're writing this from underneath our desks, because Atari has our office under siege. The publisher's pinning us down with cinematic-tipped bullets from upcoming PC RTS Act of War: Direct Action, which will be getting aggressive on shop shelves from March 18.

Scripted by techno-thriller author Dale Brown and developed by Eugen Systems, Act of War takes a geopolitical terrorist plot and unleashes it on the streets of several realistically modelled cities like London and Washington DC, complete with fully destructible real world landmarks.

There are a few in-game shots in amongst this batch of images, but primarily they're stills from the cinematic sections that'll bookend the carnage. We can only hope the cinematic stuff doesn't let itself down with B-movie special effects and amateur dramatics acting.


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