PSP gets Infected

Ultra violent blood-soaked shooter from Majesco lets you spread your virulent influence across the world

The wireless capabilities of PSP and DS could hold a lot of innovative surprises that go beyond just unshackled multiplayer, assuming developers come up with fresh new ideas. Perhaps they should all take a leaf out of Planet Moon's book. Their new PSP game, Infected, looks like it could add a virulent new strain of wireless fun to portable gaming.

The basic concept is that a deadly virus has erupted in New York city. Anyone infected turns into violent, bloodthirsty mentalists - except rookie cop Officer Stevens, who seems to have an immunity to the virus. Happily, it turns out that his blood can be used to destroy the rampaging hordes of the Infected, so a boffin called Dr Schaeffer hooks him up with a gun that draws blood from his arm.


Since Officer Steven's blood gun is powered by his own supply of the red stuff, we're fully expecting some kind of ammo system that makes you feel faint (hopefully with some visual wooziness) if you bust too many haemoglobin caps. Luckily you'll also be able to rely on more conventional firearms and even napalm air strikes.

While there's no detail yet on whether the game will play out from a first or third-person viewpoint, publisher Majesco is extremely keen to point out that Infected will be literally doused in claret, with the variety of weapons at your disposal allowing you to "set off massive chain reactions of exploding Infected, showering the streets with blood."

But here's the interesting bit: Infected also includes head-to-head deathmatch and multiplayer deathmatch multiplayer modes. You design your own avatar and face off against other players. If you win, your opponent's PSP is infected with your avatar's virus. Then when they play someone else your virus will spread further, potentially infecting PSPs across the world!

Again, there's no specific details on the finer workings of this system, but Majesco promise that you'll be awarded ranking points as your virus spreads. This way you'll be able to compare your skills with other Infected players and see just how far your seed of evil has gone.

Sounds pretty cool, eh? Infected is due for launch in the autumn of this year. We'll keep an eye on it and bring you all the latest.