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Close Combat: First to Fight movie assault

More in-game footage from Destineer's squad-based shooter

We've been bombarded by footage from Close Combat: First to Fight in recent weeks, in a blanket bombing kind of way, so it's just as well really that Destineer's military squad-based shooter is promising great things. It certainly looks like it'll be giving Full Spectrum Warrior a decent run for its money, although to be fair despite the similar theme Pandemic's recent hit presents the subject matter in a slightly different format.

Anyway, today's new Close Combat: First to Fight movies continue the tutorial theme of recently released footage showing us the way of squad-based combat, one teaching us how to properly engage an enemy while the second tells you all there is to know about flanking - which by now we'd thought we'd mastered. Oh, flanking you said...

Close Combat: First to Fight movies
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