Tag these Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure screens and exclusive trailer

Atari spray us with some hot in-game screens and an exclusive trailer from their upcoming graf extravaganza - so fresh the paint's still running

The kind of graffiti we're used to tends to be along the lines of "Barry is a nob," or "for a good time call..." scrawled on the walls of the toilets. It gives us something to read while we squeeze out another, erm, internet videogame news story.

Marc Ecko's Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure, on the other hand, takes its inspiration from the real US graffiti culture that's been at the heart of hip-hop culture since the seventies. Set for release on PS2 in September, Marc Ecko (he designs those clothes you see rappers and cider-swilling chavs wearing and used to be a graf artist himself) has apparently been working on the storyline for seven years to ensure it reflects the true essence of graf.


The game itself is a third-person action adventure set in a near future city called New Radius. Playing a rookie graf artist called Trane and fighting to become the hottest tag on the streets, you'll come up against rival gangs, the city's fascistic Civil Conduct Keepers - and eventually the corrupt Mayor of New Radius himself.

By finding the best spots to tag you'll spread the message of rebellion to the people of the city, and eventually overthrow the order. It's revolution in a can.

Which is fine, but how does it work from a gameplay point of view? Trane's luckily a bit of a flexible fella, so he can climb around the urban jungle Tomb Raider-style. Of course, not everyone likes to look at revolutionary graffiti, so when trouble comes Trane's way he can fight back with kicks, punches, grapples and crude weapons like dustbin lids. Wallop!

When it comes to the graffing itself, Trane's got an intuition system that highlights the best tag spots and he can use stencils, aerosols, rollers, marker pens, wheat paste and stickers to spread his message. As he travels around the city's 11 environments he'll meet other artists (some of them are real graffers) and learn their style and tags.

As far as the actual process of painting a tag, Atari hasn't offered any specific information. We hope there's at least some element of control over your creations - some analogue stick spraying would be cool.

It certainly looks pretty cool, with our exclusive trailer in particular offering a stylish visual aesthetic and a sensibility that seems like it has come from people in the culture rather than middle-aged executives in a boardroom. Hopefully Getting Up will pack play mechanics solid enough to live up to the cool subject matter.

Make sure you check out our screens and exclusive trailer, and stay tuned for more news on Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure.

Marc Ecko's Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure
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