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Driv3r on PC confirmed for March 18

Previously conspicuous by its absence, Atari's action sequel on PC finally readies for launch

Atari's Driv3r may have achieved impressive sales on its console launch, but after the mountain of anticipation that surrounded the action-driving title the final product proved a major let-down complete with unforgivable glitches and ropey on-foot sections. A PC version of the game was of course also planned, but it's been conspicuous by its absence and many were beginning to wonder whether the decision had been taken to send it to the great recycle bin in the sky.

Considering the stunning disappointment that was Driv3r on console, we wouldn't have been at all surprised to learn that the PC version had been canned.

But Driv3r on PC is very much alive, a spokesperson for Atari's UK arm informing us today that the game is "due out on March 18" following the appearance of the product on Atari's German website, where it's listed as a March 17 release. Naturally we would expect the shortfalls of Driv3r on console to be addressed for the PC release, but when pressed on this matter the Atari UK spokesperson was unable to confirm details.

Driv3r is the latest instalment in the gritty world of wheelman Tanner, blending high-speed driving (which, thank goodness, was one of the console versions' decent aspects), with violent shoot-outs. We'll bring you more on the PC version as soon as we get it.