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Roll Call keeps rolling with new dev team

Ex-Argonaut FPS salvaged by SCi and in production at newly formed developer

Roll Call, the PS2 and Xbox gang warfare FPS shelved when erstwhile developer Argonaut went into administration last November, is back in development.

The new dev team handling the game is called Rocksteady Studios, which may or may not be supposed to sound like another popular developer. But it does. Based in London and bankrolled by publisher SCi, Rocksteady has been formed by Jamie Hill, former creative director at Argonaut, and Sefton Hill, former head of production at Argonaut.

Roll Call (which is still a working title, by the way) will be the first project for the newly formed 18-man team. Billed as a first-person shooter where you have to "save the city", Roll Call puts you in the boots of Nick Mason of the G18 Counter Gang Division. The jobbie's hit the fan, so to speak, and it's up to you to co-ordinate the emergency services and take back the streets from the rampaging gang members. We've got a bunch of screens here.

Roll Call is slated for release on PS2 and Xbox in 2006 and will be published by SCi.