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Alien Hominid invades Europe

The aliens are coming! Side-scrolling 2D alien shooter heading our way - new screens inside

When we're not trawling the internet for pictures of celebrities that would make our mums blush, we're on the lookout for the best flash games to play when the boss isn't looking.

That's how we came across Alien Hominid. This little beauty's been around on the interweb for a while now, racking up millions of hits and generally being quite cool.

Now Alien Hominid's wacked-out 2D stylings and frantic shoot-'em-up gameplay are making the jump to PS2 and Xbox. Already available in the States where it has picked up some pretty glowing press, Alien Hominid will be invading Europe in May, courtesy of ZOO Digital. A GameCube version's also available in the States, but it seems to be MIA over here.


The creation of programmer Tom Fulp and artist Dan Paladin and developed by the Behemoth, Alien Hominid's a mental combination of crude but colourful cartoon imagery and old-school 2D shooting action. Visually, think lo-fi Viewtiful Joe crossed with Disney's Lilo and Stitch, and as far as gameplay's concerned think Viewtiful Joe (again) crossed with Metal Slug's finger-twitching shooting action.

The console version expands the gameplay of the web-based game with 16 big levels, extra weapons, new vehicles to drive, two-player co-op, additional minigames you play through the Alien's PDA and some properly massive bosses to zap.

The action's quick and frantic like all good side-scrolling games should be, and the whole thing's shot through with a quirky visual style and daft sense of humour that should raise a few chuckles as well as your chance of finger arthritis.

Check out the screens we've abducted and then try out the web-based flash version of the game here. Keep an eye on Alien Hominid: it could be a cult gaming classic.