Serious Sam 2

Boasting a magnificent engine that out-Doomed Doom, Serious Sam was an old-school shooter that blew us away. For a few hours until the repetition kicked in that is, and we tossed the game into a cupboard never to see the light of day again. Since then, Croteam has been beavering away on a sequel, and though no screenshots have been released we have managed to glean a few gobbets of info.

The game uses the Serious 2 engine, which promises to be 100 times more complex than the original. If you're interested in the new techniques Serious Sam 2 is going to incorporate you can check the website for regular updates and if you understand anything posted there you can award yourself a medal. Apparently "hierarchical visibility determination using visibility groups is now functional." Well thank f*** for that.


You can also expect to battle up to 35 enemy types across 30 levels
in seven unique environments. Getting them off the number train for a second, the only other info we were able to trick the developers into spilling was that
the game will introduce vehicles that "both Sam and his enemies can use." (The image above may be a hint.) Expect the carnage to begin again in the summer.