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Midway prolong The Suffering

New details and screens on the sequel to last year's behind bars shock-horror shooter bust out

Prison's not a very nice place to end up at the best of times, but when The Suffering hit PS2, Xbox and PC last year lead character Torque had more to worry about than bending over to pick up the soap.

Torque's jail was overrun by a bunch of genetically-engineered mutants, resulting in a blood-drenched third-person shooter experience that was as action packed as it was horrific.

Now Midway are ramping up for the sequel, subtitled The Ties That Bind, and we've got some snippets of new info.

First off, Torque has escaped from the prison. His life before he was incarcerated and his family ties were strong themes in the original game, and given the sequel's subtitle it seems he's looking to track down his relatives for a tear - and potentially blood - soaked reunion.


If you completed the first game you'll know there were multiple endings - cleverly, The Ties That Bind leads on from whatever ending you fought your way to. Similarly, your actions in The Ties That Bind will drag you towards one of three separate endings, adding a nice bit of replay value.

But while The Suffering did a good job with its storyline, it did an even better job of bathing your eyeballs in the diseased blood of rampaging mutants. The Ties That Bind will let you spatter Torque's white vest with even more claret by offering weapon dual-wielding and lining up 15 new enemies to get buckwild against. Some of your adversaries are promised to be seriously massive (as you can see from the screens), but Torque's ability to flip out and turn into a mental demon beast himself should even up the odds.

The Suffering: The Ties That Bind is in development at Surreal Software and should be ready for release late this year. We're expecting more info soon, but in the meantime take a look at our festering screens. Stay tuned for updates.