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Indy and Han Solo employ mercenary tactics

Iconic Lucasfilm characters playable in console shooter Mercenaries. Screens and movies inside

LucasArts has let slip that terribly famous film characters Han Solo and Indiana Jones appear in its GTA-esque third-person shooter Mercenaries as playable characters, all in the name of wacky fun. Probably.

Yep, it's unlock time, both characters being present in both PS2 and Xbox versions of the title as unlockable, playable characters, although to date it's only been revealed how Indiana Jones can be unlocked on PS2 and Han Solo on Xbox. Players have to collect 20 bonus items - called national treasures - hidden around the gaming world and once completed can gain access to the characters through the PDA in the game.


As to how you unlock Indy on Xbox and Solo on PS2 well, it's a national secret. Or something. It could be a race to see if players discover the how-to before LucasArts lets that particular cat out the bag.

Mercenaries, which received some very favourable reviews on its release in the US, is due in the UK on February 18. The third-person shooter is set in a war-torn, near-future North Korea and combines on-foot combat with vehicle action, players filling the combat boots of one of three mercenaries - well sort of five now we suppose - called in to collect the bounties on a rogue North Korean general and his top military and scientific advisors.

Mercenaries 'Indy & Han' movies
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