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K-D Lab enlarges Perimeter

Expansion pack Emperor's Testament announced for the sci-fi RTS. First screens inside

K-D Lab's ambitious real-time strategy title Perimeter was well-received when it appeared last year, and thanks to that reception the developer has deemed an expansion highly viable. Perimeter: Emperor's Testament is the add-on which, says K-D Lab, "opens new pages in the Exodus history".

In typically sci-fi game fashion there's a convoluted storyline that, at the risk of misinterpreting, we'll leave to the developer to divulge:

"Whereas the Spirits are on the way to their destination and the Harkbacks are seeking the mythical Earth, the Emperor builds up his Sponge Empire using automatic bases - his Vice Frames. He creates the Mechanical Spirit to help him discover new Worlds.


"One of the Vice frames starts the testing of this mechanism, this leads to appearance of the super mind - Mechanical Messiah and the discovery of the parallel Chain of the Psycho-sphere Worlds. We also meet the "lost" Exodus Frames and find traces of the mysterious alien race. The sides are in the middle of the deadly battle - who wins?"

Well, apparently you'll discover the answer to that nail-biting question during the course of the new single-player campaign's 25 missions.

Further upping the ante are buffed-up graphics, new structures and units, a new soundtrack and three new maps for multiplayer battles.

It's unclear at this time as to when Perimeter: Emperor's Testament will be released or indeed who will be publishing the add-on over here. It's certainly not been signed by Codemasters for these shores yet, although the UK company informed us earlier that it's currently "looking into the possibility of releasing it over here".

In Russia, where K-D Lab is based, the expansion is signed with 1C. Even if Codemasters doesn't pick the expansion up, we'd be extremely surprised if it didn't make it to Old Blighty.