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Xbox Pro Evo 4 update gives the red card to cheats

Konami sneak out Live update that fixes all those annoying problems that had your blood pressure higher than Fergie's

Here at we're firmly of the belief that every time you cheat in a videogame a fairy dies. But there is nothing, nothing more lowdown, dirty and despicable than an Xbox Pro Evo player who quits out of a Live game because they're getting beaten - not even spittle-stained box diver El-Hadji Diouf. Nothing.

If you're guilty of having done this, shame on you. But it's also Konami's fault for leaving a loophole that lets you quit out of games without punishment. No more. Konami have released an update for the Live portion of the game that punishes quitters with a 3-0 defeat. And it's an automatic update, too, so you can't use your slimy cheating evasive tactics to avoid it. Ha!

The only issue we have with this addition is that you're hit with a 3-0 defeat whether you were winning, drawing or losing at the time of the quit, so make sure you won't get called for your egg and chips before the end of a match.

But the patch doesn't just clobber cheaters with a crafty two-footed tackle, it also nutmegs the problem of slowdown experienced by clients (the player not hosting the match) and does one of Ronaldinho's flip-flops on the annoying need to sit through replays - you can now skip them.

Hopefully these patches should make the whole Xbox Live Pro Evo 4 experience smoother, more enjoyable, and more in the spirit of the game. But here's a thought - in future, can't we all just be honest and take our defeats like men/women?

The Xbox Live Pro Evo 4 will install automatically the next time you play online.