The Punisher

Last year's movie of lesser-known Marvel comic creation The Punisher fell short of the unprecedented levels of gore and brutality its source material promised, but that's not a mistake Volition intend to make with their forthcoming Punisher game. A Max Payne-style 3D action shooter, The Punisher's most notable feature promises to be the variety of diabolical means of torturing and dispatching the naughty people.

"You can decide how hard you slug criminals, how close you bring the blowtorch to their faces, and how far over a ledge you dangle them," said producer James Tsai. "It's possible to err and go too far, and get what
is often a very messy result. Dismembering guys with propeller blades? Feeding them to wild animals? Stuffing them into wood chippers? It's all here." And who said games were all about murder and mutilation?