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Making a killing: New Hitman: Blood Money screens

Agent 47 goes freelance in these festive new screens for his upcoming cash for kills slaughter-fest

Working for a living is tough, especially if you've got to wash human blood off your patent leather loafers and pick the bone fragments off your sharp suit every night.

But that's the life Agent 47 has chosen for himself. In Blood Money, the fourth game in the assassin-'em-up series, he's making a better living from other people dying than ever.

Blood Money sees Agent 47's company under fire from a bigger, more badass assassination crew, so the miserable shiny-bonced loner sets off to find out what's going on and make a bit of cash on the side - by killing lots of people, obviously.


Since Agent 47's making some ends for himself, the contracts he takes on and the way he spends the greens will dictate how the game plays out. We imagine he won't be making a donation to the local children's hospital.

These fresh new screens show that even though the graphics engine's been tarted up, the trademark Hitman aesthetic of stylish melancholy remains firmly in place. We're a little bit confused about the whole Christmas theme, but perhaps this particular mission takes place in 'Santa' Monica - or by the behaviour of some of those girls, Lap-land. It's too easy, this.

Hitman: Blood Money will be aiming its crosshairs over your melon this spring on PS2, Xbox and PC.