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FIFA Street screens hit the 'hood

Check out dees screenies rudes, we cherped them off EA and they is well candid, innit

There comes a moment in everyone's life when you realise you're too old to understand the things 'young people' think are cool. When we watched someone play FIFA Street we had one of these moments.

Featuring some of the world's most fancypants officially licensed players, FIFA Street is an urban spin-off from the straight-laced FIFA Football series. In footballing terms, FIFA Street is the skinny urchin with his shirt untucked and his shinguards showing because he's got his socks rolled down. Or, to use a word favoured by middle-aged videogame executives, FIFA Street is 'urban'.


So we were watching these familiar players do all manner of tricks and flicks that'd get you fully crunched in a Sunday league match, while some bloke (it's actually MC Harvey from UK garage collective So Solid Crew) screams stuff like "Dis team is boss cos dey wear da St George's cross" and we realised we were too old to understand this kind of stuff. Either that or it just wasn't very cool, we're not sure...

Anyway, here are some screens from FIFA Street, which is out on PS2, GameCube and Xbox on March 11. See whether you 'get' it or not.