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Ghost Recon 2 spirits onto Cube - confirmed

Messing your fatigues with worry that Ubisoft's tactical squad shooter won't be storming the Cube? Stand at ease, soldier...

There's been a fair bit of suppressing fire dumped onto the GameCube version of Ghost Recon 2 lately - at first it was confirmed, then it seemed a Cube port had gone AWOL as the PS2 and Xbox versions stormed their November release dates.

Well GameCube owners, as a member of the Ghost Recon team would probably yell at you as bullets whizzed by your head and urine dribbled down your thigh, "DON'T PANIC!"

Ubisoft has finally confirmed that the Cube version of Ghost Recon 2 is on the way and should assault shelves on March 31. No information is available as to whether the Cube version will have unique features like the PS2, Xbox and PC (it's out March 31 too) versions, but online play is definitely ruled out.


The central gameplay remains pretty much the same, though. In a more action-oriented twist on the original's tactics heavy realism, Ghost Recon 2 casts you as the leader of an all new team of Ghosts as they infiltrate a near-future North Korea (yay!) in order to take out a rogue head of state.

The squad-based tactics we love about the series make a return, but there's also a Lone Wolf mode that pits you alone against the might of the North Korean war machine. It's not all bad, though - you'll have some of the US military's most technologically advanced weapons at your disposal, like a gun that shoots around corners and elastic bands that automatically home in on the fleshy bit of an enemy's thigh for maximum stingyness.

We've got two new screens of the Cube version to whet your aggressive appetite, and we think you'll agree that it looks rather tasty.

More news on the Cube version of Ghost Recon 2 soon.