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Take Cover! New Rainbow Six: Lockdown screens, info

Innovative new modes that will 'revolutionise the world of online gaming' promised, but this lot will have to do for now. Screens too

Fresh from our skirmish with details on the GameCube version of Ghost Recon 2, Ubisoft has also hit us up with a stack of new information and screens for Rainbow Six: Lockdown.

Following the sneak-and-shoot exploits of the multinational Team Rainbow (which sounds a little, um, 'fruity', doesn't it?), Rainbow Six: Lockdown builds on the gameplay of the series and adds a bunch of new features.

First up is Sniper Mode. In the previous console incarnations of Rainbow Six you've been stuck in the shoes of improbably-named Ding Chavez, but Sniper Mode will let you experience the action through the telescopic lens of everyone's favourite sharpshooter, Dieter Weber.

PS2 Adversarial Multiplayer Mode

At certain points during missions you'll assume control of Weber as he picks off enemies from a distance. Special split-screen displays have been introduced so you can keep an eye on all the action as you draw a bead, and Ubisoft promises some truly gruesome reactions from your prey as a high calibre bullet shreds their flesh. Check out the screens to see how it'll work.

That's the big new single-player announcement, but Rainbow Six also has a pretty impressive past in online multiplayer that Ubisoft wants to build on. Lockdown's online on PS2 and Xbox, and you'll be able to play the single-player game in co-op on both PS2 and Xbox, and also indulge in a variety of adversarial combat modes.

This time you can choose to play as either Team Rainbow or a mercenary, and then pop caps in other people's asses in Team Adversarial (Deathmatch shorn of respanws), Team Retrieval (where you have to retrieve canisters), Total Conquest (grab transmitters and keep a hold of them - Xbox only) and Team Sharpshooter (Team Deathmatch with respawn).

Another two multiplayer modes are mentioned but not discussed: Team Rivalry on PS2; and Persistant Elite Creation on Xbox. Seems like this pair are the 'revolutionary' modes Ubisoft is spraffing about, and we'll eat our ammo belts if there's not some intense clan action going down.

Rainbow Six: Lockdown is scheduled for release on Xbox and PS2 in March. The PC version, which is evidently quite different from the console jobs (get the lowdown here), will be available at the same time.

Go ahead and flush out the Rainbow Six: Lockdown screenshots we've isolated for you, and we'll keep you informed of all the latest intel.