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The Incredibles

Pixar's latest smash hit feature film The Incredibles is a beautifully crafted slice of superhero adventure with a dark sense of humour and, well, incredible CG animation. Heavy Iron's inevitable movie-to-game conversion is a decent stab at capturing the spirit of the movie, but is strictly by-the-numbers gaming fare with little to engage PC owners who don't rely on pocket money or mum winning at bingo to fund purchases.

The Incredibles is a third-person action game set in new locations not featured in the film, across 18 colourful levels ranging from cityscapes to tropical islands. Each member of the Incredible family has the basic range of punches, jumps and dashes, but also unique special moves, such as Mr Incredible's gravity-defying Incredi-Jump and the young Violet Parr's invisibility. The moves are simple to pick up and within minutes you'll be throwing enemies around by their heels, pulling off impressive punch/kick combos and smashing up the mostly destructible environment.


However, gameplay is soon stretched as thin as Mrs Incredible's arms after you've tired of the new character moves and primary school-level puzzles, that include untaxing challenges such as overcoming laser traps by destroying conveniently placed power supplies. The Incredibles is a polished movie tie-in certainly, with quality cut-scenes, snazzy 1960s spy music and voice acting from the likes of Samuel L Jackson (without his trademark motherf***ing language), however this is strictly for the kids. If you want your heroes super, we recommend more mature gamers should plump for the excellent MMORPG City Of Heroes instead.

The verdict

Child's play