Madden 2005

Fear the 'D'! Or if you're able to converse in something approximating the Queen's English (as opposed to the garbled nonsensical utterings they claim as a language over in the Americas), we mean you should be wary of the defensive players on the sporting team of your choice.

You see, EA Sports has finally got around to addressing the only real issue that people have had with the Madden series to date - namely that the defensive game is piss-poor. As is the norm with EA Sports titles, each new year brings a clutch of new 'features' - the main ones here being improved defensive controls and a 'storyline' mode, which really just equates to ongoing newspaper reports and the EA Sports Radio program blaring away between games, telling you how great your team is or where you're going wrong.


What's more, it works. The career mode (or 'franchise mode', hammering home the capitalist nature of the American sporting system) is far more involving than before and you have a far clearer idea of what's expected of you.

Otherwise though, it's pretty much the same game as before. The glitz, glamour and presentation are all as comprehensive and atmospheric as ever (although as always it's nowhere near as good as it is on console), and the gameplay is as authentic an experience as an American Football fan could need.

One quibble comes with the ugly texturing of the player models - perhaps a hangover from the console versions, or maybe just misjudged artistic direction. Either way, they need fixing. And that's about that. See you next year!

The verdict

Almost proper football

EA Sports
EA Sports