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My art's in my mouth - terrifying Resi 4 concept images

Take your hands off your eyes and have a gander at these beautiful concept artworks for Resi 4's... if you dare...

It's coming... Resident Evil 4 is heading to GameCube on March 18, and we're positively pissing our pants in terrified anticipation.

Not really. Resi 4 is scary though - scarily brilliant. As proof, Nintendo have sent us these extra-tasty and slightly unsettling pieces of concept artwork showing off some of the game's main locations in all their spooky glory. Take a look, and imagine the trouser-moistening sound of a blood-stained chainsaw razzing off in the distance...

Enjoy, and remember that you'll be able to pick up a fancy limited edition Resident Evil 4 GameCube bundle on March 18 that includes a copy of the game, a stack of Resi and Metroid Prime demos, and a sweet silver and black branded Cube for £89.