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25 to Life

If you've ever watched those late-night crazy US cop shows on Five and thought you could do a better job of getting away with murder or catching the bad guys red-handed, here's your chance to prove it. Whether you embrace the law or think it holds you back, 25 To Life will test your tactical law-dodging skills and/or riot control prowess to the max.

You can play the game of life from two sides, either as the cops or the gangsters, in what's essentially a third-person shooter. But there's more to this beast than just online rioting. There's some meaty single-player action to get your teeth into as well.


If you choose the light side and play as a member of a police task force, you get to see first-hand what really goes on behind the scenes of NYPD Blue. Do policemen really like donuts that much and, if so, why aren't they throwing up all the time? Or you can turn bad and become a full-time gangster, complete with goldie-lookin' chain.

It's not quite KOTOR, but you can see where the developer's coming from. Each neighbourhood will have various interactive elements - and no, that doesn't just mean that you can blow up cars. They all seem to have been put there to hamper bad players, though, with gangstas having to watch out for car alarms, barking dogs and pedestrians that could give their position away. And they won't all be OAPs, either...

The verdict

Although the visuals don't set our world on fire, there are a few good ideas knocking around in 25 To Life. Choosing to play as either cops or robbers should see some quality clan action. Instead of going at it in the streets gangs could challenge each other to this instead. World peace achieved!

Avalanche Software
Eidos Interactive