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Sudeki gets all PC - new screens

And we don't mean politically correct. More shots from the PC version of Climax's Xbox role-player

You'll recall that last Friday we confirmed with publisher Zoo Digital that Climax's Xbox role-playing game Sudeki was soon to cast its magic on PC. Did that revelation light up your weekend? Did it cause you to dust off your wizard's robe, parade down the high street while tugging on your imaginary white beard and at the same time discovering that the general public really are a bunch of mindless zombies when your attempts to cast mind control spells resulted in nothing but a disappointing fizzle?

Er, well, anyway, in the wake of that confirmation on Sudeki on PC come new screenshots today, along with an extra dose of confirmation that the game will be out on March 25.


Should you be tempted to dabble with the PC version of Sudeki you'll be whisked away to a fantasy world where four heroes have become embroiled in an epic quest involving, wait for it, confrontation with good and evil. Combat in the game has been heavily influenced by Hong Kong cinema, so it's martial arts and crazy fighting manoeuvres - and magic - ahoy, and there's the usual bevy of NPCs and hordes of monsters to overcome.