Rainbow Six Lockdown screens busted out

Say hello to the Global Liberation Front, the bad fellas you'll be popping caps in

Did you know Tom Clancy has become so rich from all the videogames his name is attached to that he now lives in a huge underwater lair in the Atlantic trench. Here he frantically trains genetically altered combat monkeys to assassinate lazy games journalists who drop the 'Tom Clancy' bit from 'Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Lockdown' and 'Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory'.

In the brief moments of quiet between these monkey-training exploits Mr Clancy also invents some storylines and stuff for new videogames so he doesn't default on the mortgage payments for his sub-aqua hermitage.


The Global Liberation Front is one such invention, and it's showing it's stuff in the new screenshots we've got of Rainbow Six Lockdown (sorry, Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Lockdown), the latest instalment in the series heading to PS2, Xbox and PC in March.

These balaclava-bothering bad boys are the terrorist cell behind the unrest in Lockdown. They're led by nine leaders from across the globe and draw on numerous other terrorist factions to make up their numbers.

Thing is, there's a bit of interesting moral complexity going down here. The aim of the GLF is to liberate third-world nations from the patriarchal yoke of the exploitative developed world. To this end they're demanding an end to all third-world debt, the withdrawal of occupying military forces in these countries, and a change in global financial practice so the little guy doesn't get shafted. Quite reasonable, we reckon.

Unfortunately, the GLF wants to achieve this by blowing stuff up. With lots of guns. That's where the Rainbow Six comes in - they need to stop the GLF to ensure that rich countries like the US and the UK can continue to make silly amounts of money by keeping third-world countries firmly in the dark ages. Yay!

Expect hot team-based shooter action, an all-new sniper mode, loads of online multiplayer modes and possibly even some ideological dilemmas when Rainbow Six Lockdown storms shelves in March.