Europe thugs up for Crime Life

Konami's Crime Life: Gang Wars aims for Thug Life crown

Can't get enough thuggin' it up? A strange gang-shaped hole appeared in your life since you've completed 100% of GTA: San Andreas?

Well fret no more killa, as Konami will be bringing a fresh slice of Thug Life to Europe this year in the form of Crime Life: Gang Wars according to the latest word on what we assume is the game's freshly launched web site.

There are few small details on the site itself, possibly to build a bit of suspense in the viral campaigns much favoured nowadays. However from what we can see it looks like Crime Life will much more gang and hip-hop focused than San An, and it does boasts a pretty interesting graphical style.

No word on a confirmed release date in Europe yet, though the trailer, which is worth a glance, does mention Fall 2005 when Crime Life will hit PS2, Xbox and PC like a bullet between the eyes.

More on this one when Konami gets back to us.