Ubi signs Lumines for US - Europe in doubt?

Mizuguchi's melon-twisting music and light puzzler hitting the US courtesy of Ubi, but will European Rez-heads miss out?

Ubisoft has announced that it will be publishing Rez creator Tetsuya Miziguchi's PSP puzzler Lumines in the States, with a release alongside the handheld system's launch on March 24 likely.

However, it seems that European PSP gamers might not get a bite of the disco biscuit. When we excitedly called Ubisoft to find out about the UK release of Miziguchi's musical masterwork we were told that no plans had been finalised for a European version.

If Lumines doesn't see the light of day in Europe it's a serious blow for hardcore gamers looking forward to some mind-melting musical conundrums.


Miziguchi-san is renowned for his offbeat yet wonderfully addictive and immersive gaming creations like Space Channel 5, Shenmue and Rez. Continuing his trademark use of music as a gameplay mechanic, Lumines is a Tetris-style puzzler in which clearing blocks from the screen overlays new sound tracks to the background music.

It's a uniquely mesmerising gaming experience. As you clear blocks the tunes go from sparse drumbeats to swooping and throbbing trance music epics. The screens we've got will give you some idea of how it works, but like Rez this is one game you really have to experience to 'get'.

The US version of Lumines will get the wireless multiplayer and unlockable extras present in the Japanese version, which has shifted over 40,000 copies since the PSP went on sale over there last December. As a bouns, the US version will also be remixed with quicker loading times and new skins.

Let's keep our fingers crossed a European version of Lumines is on its way. We'll bring you the latest word from Ubisoft as soon as we get it.