Rainbow Six: Lockdown on PC shuns console port

It's a new game, apparently, inferring that it's being tailored specifically to the market

Ubisoft has revealed that its PC version of Rainbow Six: Lockdown will be "a new game" rather than a simple console port, according to recent reports.

As a result, the PC version of the latest instalment in the long-running tactical FPS series will not release simultaneously alongside PS2 and Xbox versions, but instead appear at some point after, states news from across the pond.

Bad news? Well, not entirely. It sounds as though Rainbow Six: Lockdown PC developer Red Storm Entertainment is set to deliver a title specifically tailored for the PC market - as happening with Ubisoft's Ghost Recon 2 on PC.

So smile, PC gamers who bitch about titles being "dumbed down" courtesy of direct ports from console.

The reports on Rainbow Six: Lockdown on PC appear solid, but we put a call in to Ubisoft's UK arm just to hear it direct from the horse's mouth. A spokesperson for the publisher actually said they were "unable to comment" at this time. Oh well.