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Swords of Destiny clash

Japanese hack 'n slash fans rejoice - this is your destiny...

Rising Star Games, the new publisher dedicated to bringing the best of the East over to us poor schmucks here in the West, is unleashing its first major PS2 title, Swords of Destiny this summer and has just released these first screens from the game.

Swords' plot apparently revolves around some razor hot demon slaying action, with you taking on the mantle of Lei Yun, a supremely talented blade-wielder.

However you face a horde of demons in the form of the Gyakki who are controlled by a tyrannical Empress - and all that stands between your world and an army of evil is three magical swords.

Okay so the plot might not be Shakespeare but it's a reasonable enough excuse for some crunching hack 'n slash battling if these shots are anything to go by, with gorgeous visuals backing up the frenetic demon-slaying action.

You'll be able to discover your destiny later this summer.