Cross swords in Guild Wars

We've got 50 VIP slots for the imminent Guild Wars Beta Weekend Event to give away

Between February 18 and February 20 the next Guild Wars Beta Weekend Event will be allowing wizards and warriors to go toe-to-toe in NCsoft's action-focused massively multiplayer online game. Billed as a special event, the Beta Weekend will invite players to explore Ascalon before The Searing. Anyone engaging with previous events will know that these have offered players a taste of the ruins of Ascalon, but this latest expedition into the world allows them to experience the beauty and grandeur of this magical place before the Charr decimated it.

We not too sure what some of that means, but it all sounds great. And what's even better is that we have 50 VIP slots for the next Guild Wars Beta Weekend Event to give away. The event itself will kick off at approximately 8.01am (GMT) on Friday 18, and access is being restricted to invited players only - so if you want to be sure you're secured a spot, then enter our competition. Go ahead and have a stab at answering the question below. Winners will be notified by February 17 at the latest.