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VR goes PSP: New Coded Arms screens

A VR FPS on PSP? You bet your sweet ass. New screens inside, just to prove it

Virtual Reality is obviously quite a bad thing. Those big helmets don't just look stupid, they also cause you to blow chunks over your actual (rather than virtual) shoes.

The Lawnmower Man was rubbish, too, so the nasty VR goings-on in Konami's PSP shooter Coded Arms should be the final indication that Virtual Reality should be dumped in the bin.

See, a bunch of bad viruses have gotten loose inside the system, and it's up to you to go in and sort them out. A bit like Norton Antivirus, but with over 30 high-powered firearms.

Wireless multiplayer is also promised so you can defrag your mates' hard drives.

We'll hold our judgement on whether an FPS will work on PSP, but for the moment enjoy the smart-looking screens.