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Rise & Fall: Civilizations At War hoists RTS banner

Historical, real-time strategy game by Stainless Steel Studios revealed

Empire Earth and Empires: Dawn of the Modern World developer Stainless Steel Studios is working on new PC RTS Rise & Fall: Civilizations At War, which will be published by Midway at the end of the year.

Civilizations at War is described by Midway as "a detailed real-time strategy game", which is all a bit vague; but we know that players will be heading up one of four mighty empires - Greece, Rome, Egypt or Persia - of the ancient world and letting blood onto the fields of battle as they fight alongside troops as one of eight of history's most famous heroes - all with a view to bringing victory for their nation.

"We are very excited to be working with Midway, a publisher who is truly committed to creating the highest quality games in the industry. With its unprecedented gameplay, historical accuracy and unique elements, Rise & Fall: Civilizations at War will be one of the most ambitious RTS games to date," said Rick Goodman, president of Stainless Steel Studios.