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Win a Gameulator - the ultimate gaming accessory!

Is The Gameulator the ultimate gaming accessory? Well we tell you something, we wouldn't have minded one when we were growing up and we certainly wouldn't say no to one now!

The Gameulator has just been unleashed in the UK and it's a cracker offering a dedicated gaming haven for yourself or a gaming space to wall up your children (only kidding), where you can park your PC, all your consoles and groovy hardware - a little place you can call your own private gaming nirvana.

The Gameulator comes complete with a front storage unit, CD storage shelf, monitor shelf, front and back side panels, flooring, retractable driving arm, arm rests, printer shelf, a cable management system and a very comfortable sports seat, plus a unique gaming enclosure. Everything you can see in the lovely picture in fact, apart from the telly!


If you want to know even more why not check out the Gameulator official site.

But if you want the ultimate in two-player action, The Gameulator also has a unique upgrade feature which enables the unit to be upgraded into a dual play station creating an ideal platform for the ultimate head-to-head challenge!

So you'll probably be wanting to know how to get one. It's pretty easy just answer the following simple question: