Elixir's Republic relocates to space

Demis' boys and Nicely Crafted team up on an intriguing new FPS MMO project; Republic Dawn; Chronicles of the Seven, set for a 2007 release...

Elixir Studios today announced that its much anticipated sequel to Republic: The Revolution, is underway as a joint venture with Cambridge based MMOG geniuses (or is that genii?) Nicely Crafted Entertainment. It currently posseses the working title of Republic Dawn: The Chronicles of the Seven.

Republic Dawn is described as an MMO first-person shooter game, set in an embryonic society devastated by a sudden attack. In space. In the future. The sound you just heard was several million geeks exclaiming sexual climax.

The press release also claims that players will also be able to dictate the future of mankind. Surely that's Demis being over ambitious again? Remember that infinite polys claim in Republic? Oh how we laughed...

Anyway. We digress (sorry Demis, but we couldn't resist). The title is currently aimed for PC release in 2007 - a fair while off - but this hasn't stopped both developers gushing on about how excited they are. Here's Elixir's Demis sharing his personal feelings on the project:

"Nicely Crafted is at the forefront of MMOG gaming technology. I'm really excited that my vision of thousands of players building a Republic together is finally going to happen", said Elixir's enthusiastic creative director. "This is the perfect way for Elixir to enter the MMOG arena."

Nicely Crafted, who is no stranger to MMOGs in space (see its Time of Defiance title for solid evidence of this) also shared its mutual joy on the project through suitably upbeat MD, Toby Simpson:

"Teaming up with Elixir for Republic 2 is a fantastic way to start 2005. With Demis and his team's experience in creating outstanding triple-A games, Republic 2 is going to provide great gameplay and visual experiences - offering players freedom and flexibility that is unparalleled in today's MMOG marketplace." He then proudly added, "With our server technology, we're creating a world where hundreds of thousands of people will be able to take part in building a republic."

Very impressive indeed. The game's official site is now live at

Check back here soon, when well have some words with the game's Lead Designer, Nicely Crafted's Jamie Barber...