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THQ enjoys multiple ring entry with the stars of Wrestlemania XXI

And we've got the shots to prove it. Xbox only...

Chicago-based Studio Gigante is the first Western developer in yonks to be put in charge of bringing our favourite homo-erotic man pantomime to the Xbox console screen.

Taking the lessons learnt from the critically panned Tao Feng and the visual expertise that tried to hide its defects, the developer has so far crafted a fairly well-received (and pretty damn stunning if you ask us) normal-mapped gem.

A key feature of the game that stands out for us is the pro-reversal system, which allows almost any move in the game to be reversed, providing the player presses the appropriate button at the right time (indicated by onscreen icon). You can also do the expected stuff like each star's signature moves and every star will have their very own pre-match ring entry. And ring entry theme. Think about that for a second.

This man should see a chiropractor. His back is clearly in need of a doctor.

Characters number currently at 45, with 20 arenas to choose from and we imagine that the highly entertaining career mode will make it across from the Smackdown games, though we were sad to hear that no King of the Ring mode was to be included.

The game is scheduled for Xbox-exclusive release in April of this year. Until then, we'll polish our rings in anticipation...