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Counter-Strike Source strikes back today

New CS update about to go live - new levels and fixes detailed inside

Valve are about to deploy a Counter-Strike: Source update that should be storming down your internet pipes to reinforce the spesh ops versus terrorists shoot-fest later today.

The major additions are two new maps - or at least, one new one and one blast from the past. Cs_compound is the new offering, a hostage rescue map set around an under-siege facility, and an updated Source version of classic Counter-Strike battleground de_train is the returning veteran.

Turtle Rock Studios have been on the conversion duties, and as you'll see from our screens of the train yard-based map it's looking pretty nice. Those happy days of hiding underneath freight containers and popping passing enemies in the shins are back again...


But that's not all. As we've come to expect from Valve the update will also tweak a few buggy nipples and ping a couple of glitchy ear lobes.

First up, we're promised "a number of fixes to the bots in Counter-Strike". A full list of these fixes will be available in due course, but expect a hefty AI upgrade.

Next, the radar in Counter-Strike: Source is getting an overhaul so that your position on the map shows up more clearly.

And Half-Life 2: Deathmatchers get something for their trouble too: players will no longer be able to disguise themselves as headcrabs, filing cabinets, and other funny stuff like that, because Valve say so.

Look out for the update whizzing through Steam later today.