Screens of Capcom's Haunting Ground creep up behind us and go "boo"

Perverse disturb-you up shows more promise for PS2 in these exclusive in-game shots

Frankly, the world doesn't have enough psychologically unhinging games, though the last one we played was unintentionally disturbing due to it being shockingly crap (Sudeki. Wow. what a stinker).

We do, however, have faith that Haunted Ground, Capcom's new foray into the world of intentional psychological scarring will actually be enjoyable.

We can't sum up what this little bundle of evil will entail better than this wonderful soundbite we heard recently:

"I won't lie to you; it's a f**ked game full of f**ked up things. You might think it's a little weird."

Call us funny, but we like the sound of that. Check back soon when we'll be able to describe some of these "f**cked up things" in great detail but until then enjoy these mysterious images of the rather tasty Fiona and her dog as they avoid the clutches of a large man, not too different looking from that Sloth fella in The Goonies.