It's the nuts (and bolts): New Robots screens

Get it on like an automaton with these well-lubed new screens from Vivendi's animated flick tie-in

If you were a robot, what would you do with yourself? Would you get a job down the Ferrari factory, putting together lovely motor cars every day? Would you be a nanobot, plotting mankind's downfall by turning the world into grey goop? Or would you do what Rodney Copperbottom does, and save your robot mates from being turned into scrap metal?

Mr Copporbottom is the star of Robots, the appropriately-named new movie from the lads and lasses who brought us Ice Age. Of course, where there are whining children in a cinema there are long-suffering parents with fat wallets, so Vivendi has signed up the license to bring a videogame version of Robots to PC, PS2, Xbox, Cube, GBA and DS.


The DS and GBA versions are side-scrolling platform affairs with nifty little ball-rolling minigames and customisable gadgets. The grown-up versions for home machines are third-person platform affairs with similar features but lots more bells and whistles.

And here's some shots! Good this, eh?

If you're interested in the DS version you can browse some screenies here.