Medal of Honor lets the dogs out: screens of European Assault

European Assault is the new name for Medal of Honor: Dogs of War and we've got screens and info!

Better pack up your worries in your old kitbag: there's more war coming, and it's headed to this continent.

EA has announced that the next console instalment in the epic Medal of Honor has changed its name from Dogs of War to European Assault. It seems the Dogs of War subtitle didn't translate very well into other European languages, so the decision was made to simplify it for everyone.

Mobilizing on PS2, Xbox and GameCube this summer, European Assault sees you stepping into the boots of William Holt, a Yank working for the Office of Strategic Services (OSS). It's 1942 and Adolf's being a right bugger on continental Europe, so you find yourself tasked with turning the tide of the war.


You'll begin in France at the legendary St. Nazaire assault (where several hundred commandos rammed a ship laden with explosives into a Nazi dry-dock in a suicide mission) then travel to North Africa to take on Rommel, nip up to Russia to join the Red Army and eventually hotfoot it to The Battle of the Bulge for the final showdown.

New gameplay elements reinforce the new storyline and locations. EA promises that 'open battlefields' will address criticisms that the series has been too linear in the past, simplified squad control adds a tactical depth, and personality-driven Nazi generals called 'Nemeses' should add a human angle to the faceless hordes of Axis soldiers.

For the moment you should train your sights on the screens we've secured, but make sure you report back later today for a special briefing from Dan Winters, Medal of Honor: European Assault's executive producer at EALA, on all of the game's new features.